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The Marion Singers of Greater Toronto – Christopher Dawes, Director

About The Marion Singers

The Marion Singers began informally in the early 1990s with a core of voices from the Orpheus and St. Clement’s Choirs to celebrate the wedding of Marion Thompson.  The continuing bonds of music and friendship have led to the development of a distinctly accomplished choir whose chosen restriction of performing (and rehearsing) a cappella enables it to meet the ultimate demands on the blend and tonal shades of their collected voices.  The resulting fluency and ease within their discipline has yielded an effortless joy of performance in a repertoire spanning the sacred and the secular from the 15th to the 20th century.  The Marion Singers is an all-volunteer group, performing recitals in and around the Greater Toronto Area, raising funds for various humanitarian, non-profit causes from relief work to restoration.  Their first CD, self-titled The Marion Singers, was released in 2000. 

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